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the_blue_ninja in disguise

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(no subject) [Oct. 6th, 2007|01:39 am]
the_blue_ninja in disguise

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Important moments in the lives of the Sanctuary Mercenaries (and Josiah, Merc and Dana). Yay?

...And yes, all the titles are song names.

I feel like a quote outta context~Collapse )
We're living in a den of thieves/rummaging for answers in the pagesCollapse )

Lily's day
Walking with your hand in a sling/gonna hear the soldier singCollapse )
There's no name for us - But still we sing...Collapse )





Kill your middle-class indicision/now is not the time for liberal thought!Collapse )
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Wacky crossovers part 1 [Jun. 19th, 2007|09:05 pm]
the_blue_ninja in disguise

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Pollyanna loevs fireflyCollapse )
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Master Fic List [Jun. 11th, 2007|04:18 pm]
the_blue_ninja in disguise

'Cause I'm a dumbass, who thought it'd be a good idea.

So, this contains a list of my fics along with how I'd rate them and a tiny piece of background because I love talking about myself.

Fire Emblem

I roll with the Sacred Stones crew. I have no idea why. I also like writing Ross/Lute interaction because their dialogues are priceless.

The Price of Friendship Completely gen. I think I'd give it about 8/10? Passable light humour.

Golden Sun

Not much. I had a few more Golden Sun pieces, but they got deleted when I read them through and realised how terrible they were.

Pirate Booty Oh, pirate puns. Forgot about this until PotC3 came out, because I'm terrible at being a Briggs fangirl D:. About...7/10?

Harry Potter

Everyone has to write some HP fic. It is the LAW.

Can I stop missing you now? HP angst. I wrote this for an old friend, for her birthday. I took about fifteen minutes to write it, then about five to proof read it, because I'm that much of a friend. I'd give it about 5/10.


Man do I like me some ninjas. I seem to write about mostly Sakura, which is fine since my otp is Naruto/Sakura. Yay!

The letter ShikaTem and all that good stuff. 7/10.

Ninja This is a Sakura introspective drabble. I don't know why I wrote it. I just got annoyed because of all of the fans insisting that she couldn't have come from a ninja family. I'd give it about a 7/10 although I really like the second sentence.

Red Dawn Somebody on fanficrants suggested Tobi/Sakura. So I wrote it. I also wrote in the whole "Sakura infiltrates the Akatsuki base" plot device for a touch of irony, because that was what the rant had been about.


MI6/CIA NOT MY FAULT. But yeah, I like these two. Might write more about their date on the town and the poor barman.

There are also a few drabbles set in my own universe as well as some world building notes stashed around the comm.



House/Perry AGAIN, NOT MY FAULT >:(

Pollyanna on the crew of the firefly - Uh. This is the result of reading Pollyanna again, then watching a fanvid for River Tam. I was wondering what would happen if Pollyanna tried to play the Glad Game with River. Then Jayne came in. Um.


I'm sure you'll find other stuff which I have forgotten to put here in the tags.
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(no subject) [Jun. 10th, 2007|02:55 am]
the_blue_ninja in disguise

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An update! 8D I also cleaned out a lot of the old stuff I didn't like and edited stuff, like the tags. UH, YEAH.

Kraden/Iroh. FOR GREAT JUSTICE!Collapse )

Sakura/Tobi.Collapse )


For this one, the Dry Martini code word is obvious. The Swans is a little more obscure and is all to do with the Alex Ryder series.
And Box 500 is the civil service name for MI5. Because their address during wartime was PO Box 500

MI6/CIA OTP!!1!!Collapse )


...I really want to do more with those two. And notice how there's a Northern regular in a London bar? I know it's a silly idea. I just really like the way they speak.

And YES that Sakura/Tobi drabble really should be longer, but- but I sort of liked it the way it was. D:
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(no subject) [May. 9th, 2007|11:46 pm]
the_blue_ninja in disguise

I feel the burning need to write Ross/Lute/Vanessa. Because it would be the most awesome drunk sex ever. More on this later.
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(no subject) [May. 1st, 2007|10:57 pm]
the_blue_ninja in disguise

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Ross/Lute. Whoo. Unfinished.
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(no subject) [Apr. 22nd, 2007|05:28 pm]
the_blue_ninja in disguise

HurglegurgleBLARGH. I'm concentrating a lot on original work and art and homework. So I sort of almost abandoned this thing.


Ross/Lute MORE OF IT. Hopefully I can do something that isn't a drabble.
Roz's pairings.
E-Lamia Mr. Gray thought this should be written about Amelia (Re-arrange the letters) and she agreed, but Lamia's overtly sexual nature in the poem is difficult to write. Not cause I don't like writing about people who are defined purely by fucking, but because I'm having problems writing my friend as one of them
Naruto/Sakura Somebody in a comm I was in wanted me to write some because there is so little of it. Despite it being beautiful and RIGHT.
That one Garet/Sheba epic. I don't know where that's going. I need to replay the game for a bit first.
Erk/Nino OK NOW THERE'S SOMETHING THAT'LL ONLY BE IN DRABBLES! They are cute, but it's like sugar: A little bit is nice, but too much and your teeth will fall out and you'll be sick.
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(no subject) [Apr. 3rd, 2007|06:58 pm]
the_blue_ninja in disguise

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Wasn't sure whether or not to say 'If you catch my drift' or 'If you catch his drift'. Only a drabble. Shutup.

House/PerryCollapse )
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(no subject) [Apr. 1st, 2007|02:08 pm]
the_blue_ninja in disguise


Mage Story is KICKING MY ASS.

Read more...Collapse )
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Us [Mar. 20th, 2007|07:51 pm]
the_blue_ninja in disguise

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I have been spamming my friends list with this icon. The spamming will continue until they either pledge the lives of their first-born children or bring me a plate of cookies.

I like cookies.

Ross and Lute drabble-skit thing. Warning: Lute Logic.

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